40 Rounds of Clever Ferocity by quornflour

I am called Quornflour and I play Plants vs Zombies.

In fact, I have it on my phone, iPad, PC and my XBOX.

On my XBOX I managed (with a little help from TxK) get all but one of the achievements and it started bugging me that I was just one away from completing the game.

I even played the game all of the way through with just the original 5 slots or whatever it is you start with.

I mean I have loads of games that I have not completed, but ONE ACHIEVEMENT? So I decided one day to get through that insanity and complete all 40 rounds.

I tried and failed and tried and failed. Of course there are no save points so I had to keep restarting from the beginning. I tried using those corncob cannon things, everyone says to use them, but quite frankly they seemed to just take up too much space and have too long of a reload time and it isn’t like they were doing anything but cost too much, waste space and get destroyed too quickly. So I gave up on those.

Eventually I managed to do it. I used the same strategy on my iPad to get some screen shots of the basic strategy. Spikeweed is your friend. Perhaps I got lucky, or my XBOX felt sorry for me.

Either way, the game is finished. Now what am I supposed to do with all of those coins?

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