The Magical Dish Fairy by quornflour

One of the things about cooking from scratch is that you end up with a lot of dishes.

Sometimes I am lucky enough to be visited by the magical dish fairy. You know, the dish fairy that only goes to houses without dishwashers, so if you think you might be getting a visit, check your kitchen. The magical dish fairy is terribly frightened by dishwashers as they eat fairy wings.

Most of the time however, I am responsible for doing my own dishes. Self, why not do them dishes in style? That is what I ask myself when dishes need doin’ and I am procrastinating.

So to further put off the inevitable and still convince myself that I am busy I like to make dish rags.

They even make nice gifts, but be careful, some people won’t use them because they are so pretty.

So get yourself a pair of size 7 knitting needles and a ball of cotton yarn. Peaches and Cream works just fine.

Cast on 44 stitches.

Alternate knit and purl, and then flip and do the same. You, know a popcorn stitch, or at least that I what I believe it is called.

Repeat until you have a square, depending on your stitches it should be around 38 rows.

Cast off.

It is really quite simple to do; it makes a lovely gift and is a quite portable project.

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