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I have been experimenting with Instagram, it is fun putting filters on photos of Umlaut, but I am not sure I get it. Which I hear is silly since I love taking pictures of my food before I eat it, who doesn’t really?
I am only an hour or so in, I wonder just how many photos of Umlaut I can post.

If anyone can shed light on how Instagram is a social network, I’d appreciate it.
In the meantime, more picks of the pup.




Instagram and Puppyface.

via Instagram and Puppyface.

Facebook Vacation Part 3 by quornflour

It has now been officially 2 weeks that I have been away from Facebook and since it is past the 15th of a 30 day month… 30 days have September, April, June and November… I am past the halfway mark full on.

This weekend I sewed and cleaned and painted the ugly cabinet in my bathroom because I just couldn’t stand looking at it anymore. All without everyone on my friends list or my twitter followers knowing just how awesome I was being.

I discovered I had been cheated with fabric I do not really like in a jelly-roll I got on sale, luckily Ms. Skillet was there for me, able to lament over text about the atrocities of the fabric jelly-roll world.

The thing that I have noticed to be the biggest difference, is my cell phone battery life. I have gotten out of the habit (which admittedly took a few days) of looking at it to see what was new with my friends.

Then I realized that my friends were expecting a baby and I had no idea if she had been born. I think all of this would be a lot harder if I was completely cut off, but instead a simple text message resulting in pictures of the little munchkin.

If I was going to do a full on cut off, I do not think I would be able to do it and otherwise continue with life as normal. Postcards are fine, I have even gotten a few old fashioned cards and notes from folks, but with the constant barrage of “like” this and “follow” that, it is hard to deny life in a social media world. I have a few friends who do not have accounts, here there or other, but they never have, so I guess you could argue that “you don’t know, what you don’t know.”

I suspect all of this would also be different if my Facebook friends were not real people to me. Of the people on my friends list there is only one person whom I have never met face to face, everyone else I actually know. I do not fully understand the random people thing, though occasionally I do sent friend suggestions to people if I think they should know each other.

At any rate, I will get back to being awesome and not letting everyone know just how awesome I am being.

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