Bing It On by quornflour

I know, “googling” has become synonymous with doing an internet search. That is fine, whatever.

Personally I use Bing! If you are just gonna hate because that is how you are, fine, keep on keeping on, I will not lose sleep over it.

But did you know that by using Bing you can get free stuff? See they have this thing called Bing Rewards, where you get points for searches that you do, then, when you collect enough points you can redeem them for stuff.

I do not have cable (yes this is relevant); I use Netflix, Hulu Plus and Zune Video (xbox) to support my television habit. Since I can cash in my Bing Rewards points for Hulu+ subscriptions, I have only paid for 1 month of Hulu+ and I have had it for almost a year now. IOW that is 7.99$ for a year of Hulu+ so even if you are a Google fan-boy, I know you like free stuff.

For those who love Social Networking like Facebook you can even connect your search to that to see what your friends are in to.

Anyway, it is an option and a pretty picture every day, well a lot of days it has cute animals, which is why my 84 year old neighbor likes it.

Facebook Hiatus… by quornflour

Well, it is almost over. Tomorrow is the last Facebook free day and then I am back. It really has not been bad at all and while I am going back, I think I might start actively taking blackout days a few times a month. Not necessarily to the extreme of this and deactivating my account, but just a general avoidance, intentionally and not just because I am too busy to bother.

With all of the ease of access it is, being too busy is hardly an excuse anyway.

Have I learned anything during this time away? I am not sure I would call it learning, but I have realized that while I do not necessarily keep up with the day to day, minute by minute, or for some the brat count for the year (I have a lot of friends in Wisconsin…); I have maintained connection in other forms with many of the friends that I most often check in on over FB in one way or another.

There are a few things I held off on for the month, like a couple of packages that I was going to mail out but did not since the fastest “ship confirmation” is a message on Facebook, but overall I lived life as normal.

With some just the occasionally – hey I am out here still with DrawSomething, or mostly over txt messages and IM… or can you imagine – in person?

Overall it makes me sad to think of people who only interact through FB by choice, I have friends stationed overseas who use FB as a lifeline, but to think of all of the people who only interact with others in that format makes me sad.

The social climate is changing. There was a day when to get a message to someone you had to wait for days and now it is so instantaneous.

At any rate, I think it will be nice to be back and connected.

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