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I have been experimenting with Instagram, it is fun putting filters on photos of Umlaut, but I am not sure I get it. Which I hear is silly since I love taking pictures of my food before I eat it, who doesn’t really?
I am only an hour or so in, I wonder just how many photos of Umlaut I can post.

If anyone can shed light on how Instagram is a social network, I’d appreciate it.
In the meantime, more picks of the pup.




Instagram and Puppyface.

via Instagram and Puppyface.

Stuff we Love: Self-Filtering Water Bottles by quornflour

TxK and I both travel a fair amount and we both like to keep hydrated. With all of the post 9/11 regulations, bringing a water bottle into the airport is pretty much impossible. Of course, they then turn-around charge an insane amount for a bottle of water; water in a bottle that is most likely going to end up in a landfill.

There are a few things you can do to prevent this.

  1. Bring a self-filtering water bottle:

    Brita and CamelBak both have versions that TxK and I have tested and liked. Just make sure you empty it before you go into the airport, I have had TSA agents threaten to toss mine a few times, because they can.

    His exact words, “even though that is empty, I can make you throw that away if I want.”

    To which I replied, “of course you can.”

    The bottles filter the water as you drink it, so you can fill it up at a public drinking fountain or bubbler.

  2. Make friends with a short drip:

    Bring a regular water bottle and buy a “short drip” (10oz drip coffee – kids hot chocolate size) or a banana or something at your airport Starbucks.

    Starbucks filters their water to ensure standardized taste for their coffee beverages. As a result the cold water they use for iced drinks is also filtered. In my experience, the stands I have approached in the airport will not always fill my water bottle for free, but they will fill it for a purchase of a beverage.

The earth will thank you.

Half Crazy Daisy by quornflour

Recently I was staying with friends who have a Great Dane called Daisy. I was surprised to learn that they had never heard the song about Daisy.

So I did a quick YouTube search and came across this version.

After listening to it, Mia (6) says, “Daisy’s not half crazy.” Her tone somewhat offended. “Daisy is WHOLE crazy!”

Road Trip, Episode 1: On the Road Again by quornflour

So we have been silent for a while, busy really with everything. I spend two weeks on the road for work, which was good, but busy. Then when I returned I had other stuff to catch up on and settle into place so that I could get ready for vacation.

Where I work you start with 3 weeks of vacation time. In the past I have used maybe a week at a time here or there, worked part of the time and carried a week or so over and then repeated.

This year I decided that since I had carried a fair amount over, and I started getting a fourth week I should take a real summer vacation. I love road trips, and I have a handful of states left to get to.

The Great American Road Trip seems to be a bit of a lost art. I do not know that many people who just head out on the road to see what is out there.

I have this need to get to all 50 states, I am fairly certain it is something I get from my Grandmother Marie and her sister Helen. I believe that just because you can travel all over the world, which is great, does not mean you should not travel all over the US as well. I know people who have been to more foreign countries than states. The US takes up such a large chunk of land; really you should try and see as much of it as you can.

Currently left I have:

  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Arizona
  • Nebraska
  • Missouri
  • Iowa

My current goal is to cut 4 states off that list. I have three weeks, but I also have another part of that plan.

Years ago I had a blog on the now defunct blogging site Vox. There I became friends with this fellow crafter Flamestitch who makes super cool bags. If you do not have one, go get one, right now, I will wait.

So I have a Jeep Wrangler: the Helen Marie. One day I decided that it would be super awesome to have a pink Naugahyde soft top for my Jeep. I figured I could probably figure it out and make it myself, but I also thought that it might not be such a bad idea to talk to someone who really knows the materials. This is where Flamestitch comes in. She comes from a family of upholsterers, people who know what you can and cannot do with certain fabrics, what fabrics and threads to use, what machines to use. I figured, this is the person I want to work with on this. Trouble was, I had never actually met her. So I contacted her to see if she would be game, and she was.

So I decided to take 3 weeks off, head to Columbus create the top and then see how much time I have left after that. To the road I go.

Gluten Free Spaghetti Dinner by quornflour

I love squash.

My dog loves squash.

TxK loves squash.

How does anyone not love squash? That makes no sense to me.

So this past weekend while at the most fabulous grocery store in the world, I was checking out the produce, when I realized that what I really had a hankering for was Spaghetti Squash. It’s like squash and spaghetti all in one. De-lish.

So I bought one.

Preparing it is super easy.

Cut it in half the long way. Be careful, it is a meaty squash and this can be difficult.

Spoon out the seed guts.

Does anyone know if you can eat the seeds?

It seems like they would probably be good roasted with salt in a salad or as a snack, well good if they are anything like pumpkin seeds. I digress.

In a 9″x13″ baking pan, put 1½ tablespoons of butter and place in your oven and preheat to 350⁰.

Remove the dish when the butter is melted. If you aren’t a dairy person use 1½ tablespoons of olive oil and a dash of salt.

When the butter is melted, remove from the oven and place the squash in the pan skin side up and bake for about 35 minutes or until the skin is easily punctured with a knife.

When it is soft, remove it from the oven and using bamboo spoons scrape out the meat.

Serve it with a basic tomato sauce, maybe some bread, some cheese… or even on its own.


Everything old is new again by quornflour

I am one of those people who do not like clutter, but also has some guilt around not fully using things that can easily be used again.

One such item is the container that kitchen wipes come in. While I do not often buy them for home, I do keep them in the car and at work. Here is a great, easy project that you can do to give those containers new life.

Lil’ who lives in my building gets the paper, each day it is delivered in a plastic bag that is perfect for picking up dog poop. So each morning I take Umlaut out, I grab the paper, remove the plastic bag and toss it in the house. There are days that for one reason or another I do not end up needing the bag so I stick it in my pocket, at the end of the day when I empty my pockets on to the entry table so goes the plastic bag. They can sometimes pile up and just look messy.

Then I realized that the bags + the wipe container were a perfect match, but who wants to look at a wipe container. So I beautified it.

All you need:

  • an empty rinsed wipe container
  • a sheet of scrapbooking paper (12″x12″)*
  • a pair of paper scissors
  • a 15″ ruler (or sufficient size paper cutter)
  • a pencil
  • rubber cement (or similar glue)
  • tape
  • newspaper, bread, or other poop scooping bags


  1. Start by removing the lid and carefully cutting the original label off of the container and set aside
  2. Cut the sheet of paper into two even rectangular halves
  3. Glue it back together 6″ end to 6″ end by putting rubber cement on the two pieces you are joining to make one long sheet
  4. Use a piece of tape to reinforce the back side of the seam
  5. Measure the length of the label and add ¾”
  6. Cut the strip of paper down to this size
    1. The container I used was a generic wipes container and the length I cut was 14¼”
  7. Put rubber cement on the two joining sides, wrap around the container and press
  8. Slide the paper back off the top of the container and tape the inside of the seal and slip back on to the container
  9. Replace the lid, fill with bags and ta-da! No more eyesore!

If you do not have a dog, this container is also great for pens, broken crayons, plastic grocery bags and other small items; makes a great gift for someone with a dog. I would not advise using this for food storage.

* You can also use a cool print from a large format magazine, a printout of a favorite picture on legal size paper or some wrapping paper.

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