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Felicity, AKA: Quornflour (QF), grew up in Maine where she learned to survive the wilderness and eat lobster and currently lives in the greater Boston area.

Kelli, AKA: Texaskillet (TxK), grew up in Texas where she learned to ride horses and eat barbeque and currently lives in the greater Seattle area.

After a series of unrelated events involving cheese and squirrel hunting, the two ended up working together near Seattle, WA.

But then, Seattle proved too small for so much awesomeness so they were forced to live on separate coasts, and as such, Q now resides in Boston.

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Hi Cleverchickadee-
I have a challenge for you: I have a bottle of cherry compote which is basically cherries, water and sugar. Any ideas on what I can do with this?

Comment by Pauline

drain liquid, replace with grain alcohol or vodka… CHERRY BOMB!!! great as a topper in drinks… or for a Dirty Shirley!

Comment by quornflour

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