Dirty Secret by quornflour

For the most part I have this need to know what is in my food. If I buy something pre-made I like to be able to read each and every ingredient.

The 5 Ingredient Rule

I like to keep the list to around 5 ingredients. Perhaps it is a little nuts, but come on, have you read an ingredient list lately. So often they have a couple of things that you recognize as food, then this huge long list of other things that it takes a special degree just to decipher. If it has more than 5 ingredients and I can read most or all of them, I may let the number slide and go up to 8, or maybe 10. Generally though 5 is my rule.

When I cook things, I add more than 5 things, generally I know what they are.

But sometimes… I go a little off the rails. See sometimes, I eat Beef flavored Ramen noodles. You know the cheap 10c-30c kind in the plastic bag, in a cup or a bowl is getting just too fancy. The beef ones only. I crack the package in half, load the noodles into a large coffee mug, add the crazy flavor pack, add a few shakes of cayenne pepper, pour bowling water over top, cover with a small plate and wait for the noodles to soften.

I do not do this often, but sometimes, when the mood hits, they are a must have.

Then for dessert, I love Donettes, not the super white powdery sugar covered ones: the “frosted” ones, they are the ones with the weird waxy chocolate coating.

Seriously people. It is a sickness. I know… and now you know.

Feels good to let it out.

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