Facebook Hiatus… by quornflour

Well, it is almost over. Tomorrow is the last Facebook free day and then I am back. It really has not been bad at all and while I am going back, I think I might start actively taking blackout days a few times a month. Not necessarily to the extreme of this and deactivating my account, but just a general avoidance, intentionally and not just because I am too busy to bother.

With all of the ease of access it is, being too busy is hardly an excuse anyway.

Have I learned anything during this time away? I am not sure I would call it learning, but I have realized that while I do not necessarily keep up with the day to day, minute by minute, or for some the brat count for the year (I have a lot of friends in Wisconsin…); I have maintained connection in other forms with many of the friends that I most often check in on over FB in one way or another.

There are a few things I held off on for the month, like a couple of packages that I was going to mail out but did not since the fastest “ship confirmation” is a message on Facebook, but overall I lived life as normal.

With some just the occasionally – hey I am out here still with DrawSomething, or mostly over txt messages and IM… or can you imagine – in person?

Overall it makes me sad to think of people who only interact through FB by choice, I have friends stationed overseas who use FB as a lifeline, but to think of all of the people who only interact with others in that format makes me sad.

The social climate is changing. There was a day when to get a message to someone you had to wait for days and now it is so instantaneous.

At any rate, I think it will be nice to be back and connected.

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