Foot Freedom by quornflour
June 28, 2012, 2:21 PM
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One of my favorite things about summer is having nekkid feet. Lil’ tells me that I need to wear shoes because I might step on a needle, then I would sue her when it got infected. I told her that if something happened as a direct result with no other cause of bare feet I promise not to sue her. I do however need flip-flops for the grocery store and other places that just don’t embrace a lack of shoes.

So this morning I was at Target and was looking at the flip-flops and there was this girl who was about 2-3 who was there with her father and he was having her try on shoes.

She had on one pair and he says how are those and she says “I don’t like them, they make my feet wet.”

So he says, “Ok let’s try some crocks”, and she says, “No thanks, I just want my feet to be free.”

He says “no shoes at all?” and she says, “I never want to wear shoes, I want my feet to be free.”

I looked at him and said, “Well that should save you a ton of money.”

To which he replies “but it will probably keep her from getting into a good college”

I am sure he was serious too.

Next he says to the girl, “Here try these on”

She says, “No thanks, I want the air on my toes.”

The girl wasn’t being remotely bratty about it, and everyone in the shoe section was cracking up.


Nice to see the kid sticking up for air on her toes and free feet.

Happy Summer!


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