A Month Away From Facebook by quornflour

As I mentioned earlier, I decided to take a month break from Facebook. A number of people have asked, “How it is going?” “Do you miss it?” Others expressed sadness at the lack of my wit in their news feed. “Your fans miss you.” I feel loved.

The saddest thing I heard is that my friend who was also going to take a break lasted less than two days, at least he owned up to it (5 days later) and then told me that I now had a pass so I could reactivate. I said I would do it for a month and so I will, besides it was a lot of work to remove it from all the places I have the app or feeds coming in to.

Overall I cannot say that I have truly missed it, there is not a gaping hole where Facebook once was and if it goes away I will go on. I mean I am definitely going back, but it has been nice (kinda).

It was sad to not check in at the Celtics game, but when they lost, it was probably just as well. My clever antics are mostly only heard by my dog. Here are a few things I probably would have posted…

  • Sometimes I think I am just here to confuse myself
  • Seriously folks, if we are playing DrawSomething, it is your turn already!
  • I need to return that meat sack
  • You get paid how much and you cannot even make a basket?!
  • QOTD: I am not a kid, I am almost 22
  • I should start a Google + circle and call it: I’m just not that into you
  • Isn’t aioli just a fancy way to say garlic mayo?

And of course photos of my office view, my dog, people eating sugar cereal at work, my farmers’ market haul and my lunch.

Even without Facebook, my brain still thinks in status updates, the thing is I think I have always thought in status updates, Facebook just gave me the opportunity to overshare.


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And you are missing pictures of my cat helping me sew!!!! 😦

Comment by spottylover

it is true and those are some of my favorites…

Comment by quornflour

I posted a few more… she just loves to help.

Comment by spottylover

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