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I have been redecorating my bedroom. While working on a project today I came across some old files and rather than just shred them, of course I started going through them.

Of the somewhat strange set of memories I have for some reason hung on to was a copy of a lease from one of my first apartments, now the lease, for the most part was standard fare… However there was an amendment made:

Now, if you cannot read that it states:

“Said renter will be relieved from this commitment if the unit outside the SW window proves to be noisy or smelly or of any other unpleasant nature. Possibility of a rent re-evaluation may also be considered.”

How I wish I could remember what it was specifically about the unit outside the SW window that caused enough concern to add that to a lease. I lived there for a few years, so I as far as I know they were not, “noisy or smelly or of any other unpleasant nature.”

Facebook Hiatus… by quornflour

Well, it is almost over. Tomorrow is the last Facebook free day and then I am back. It really has not been bad at all and while I am going back, I think I might start actively taking blackout days a few times a month. Not necessarily to the extreme of this and deactivating my account, but just a general avoidance, intentionally and not just because I am too busy to bother.

With all of the ease of access it is, being too busy is hardly an excuse anyway.

Have I learned anything during this time away? I am not sure I would call it learning, but I have realized that while I do not necessarily keep up with the day to day, minute by minute, or for some the brat count for the year (I have a lot of friends in Wisconsin…); I have maintained connection in other forms with many of the friends that I most often check in on over FB in one way or another.

There are a few things I held off on for the month, like a couple of packages that I was going to mail out but did not since the fastest “ship confirmation” is a message on Facebook, but overall I lived life as normal.

With some just the occasionally – hey I am out here still with DrawSomething, or mostly over txt messages and IM… or can you imagine – in person?

Overall it makes me sad to think of people who only interact through FB by choice, I have friends stationed overseas who use FB as a lifeline, but to think of all of the people who only interact with others in that format makes me sad.

The social climate is changing. There was a day when to get a message to someone you had to wait for days and now it is so instantaneous.

At any rate, I think it will be nice to be back and connected.

Foot Freedom by quornflour
June 28, 2012, 2:21 PM
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One of my favorite things about summer is having nekkid feet. Lil’ tells me that I need to wear shoes because I might step on a needle, then I would sue her when it got infected. I told her that if something happened as a direct result with no other cause of bare feet I promise not to sue her. I do however need flip-flops for the grocery store and other places that just don’t embrace a lack of shoes.

So this morning I was at Target and was looking at the flip-flops and there was this girl who was about 2-3 who was there with her father and he was having her try on shoes.

She had on one pair and he says how are those and she says “I don’t like them, they make my feet wet.”

So he says, “Ok let’s try some crocks”, and she says, “No thanks, I just want my feet to be free.”

He says “no shoes at all?” and she says, “I never want to wear shoes, I want my feet to be free.”

I looked at him and said, “Well that should save you a ton of money.”

To which he replies “but it will probably keep her from getting into a good college”

I am sure he was serious too.

Next he says to the girl, “Here try these on”

She says, “No thanks, I want the air on my toes.”

The girl wasn’t being remotely bratty about it, and everyone in the shoe section was cracking up.


Nice to see the kid sticking up for air on her toes and free feet.

Happy Summer!


Facebook Vacation Part 3 by quornflour

It has now been officially 2 weeks that I have been away from Facebook and since it is past the 15th of a 30 day month… 30 days have September, April, June and November… I am past the halfway mark full on.

This weekend I sewed and cleaned and painted the ugly cabinet in my bathroom because I just couldn’t stand looking at it anymore. All without everyone on my friends list or my twitter followers knowing just how awesome I was being.

I discovered I had been cheated with fabric I do not really like in a jelly-roll I got on sale, luckily Ms. Skillet was there for me, able to lament over text about the atrocities of the fabric jelly-roll world.

The thing that I have noticed to be the biggest difference, is my cell phone battery life. I have gotten out of the habit (which admittedly took a few days) of looking at it to see what was new with my friends.

Then I realized that my friends were expecting a baby and I had no idea if she had been born. I think all of this would be a lot harder if I was completely cut off, but instead a simple text message resulting in pictures of the little munchkin.

If I was going to do a full on cut off, I do not think I would be able to do it and otherwise continue with life as normal. Postcards are fine, I have even gotten a few old fashioned cards and notes from folks, but with the constant barrage of “like” this and “follow” that, it is hard to deny life in a social media world. I have a few friends who do not have accounts, here there or other, but they never have, so I guess you could argue that “you don’t know, what you don’t know.”

I suspect all of this would also be different if my Facebook friends were not real people to me. Of the people on my friends list there is only one person whom I have never met face to face, everyone else I actually know. I do not fully understand the random people thing, though occasionally I do sent friend suggestions to people if I think they should know each other.

At any rate, I will get back to being awesome and not letting everyone know just how awesome I am being.

Hummus: a recipe by quornflour


This past week I went to the farmers’ market and there were some really bright delicious looking sprouts, so I bought some.
For some reason sprouts make me want hummus, so this morning I made some for lunch.
It is super easy, and really, one of those foods that is pretty hard to mess up, though not impossible, here is a delicious recipe that I threw together this morning. The yield on this is pretty big, so it is great for parties or to make to have for the week.


In a blender add:

2 cans (15.5oz) garbanzo beans (drained*)

1 can (15.5oz) black beans (drained*)

4 cloves of garlic

the juice of 1/2 a lemon

1 teaspoon paprika

3 tablespoons EVOO

1/4 cup tahini

* if you drain your beans you will need a highpower blender or a food processor and your hummus will be thicker, if you are using a regular blender you may want to leave at least one cans worth of liquid in the hummus to prevent motor burn out.)

Blend until smooth.

Serve it with pitas, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and of course sprouts!


A Month Away From Facebook by quornflour

As I mentioned earlier, I decided to take a month break from Facebook. A number of people have asked, “How it is going?” “Do you miss it?” Others expressed sadness at the lack of my wit in their news feed. “Your fans miss you.” I feel loved.

The saddest thing I heard is that my friend who was also going to take a break lasted less than two days, at least he owned up to it (5 days later) and then told me that I now had a pass so I could reactivate. I said I would do it for a month and so I will, besides it was a lot of work to remove it from all the places I have the app or feeds coming in to.

Overall I cannot say that I have truly missed it, there is not a gaping hole where Facebook once was and if it goes away I will go on. I mean I am definitely going back, but it has been nice (kinda).

It was sad to not check in at the Celtics game, but when they lost, it was probably just as well. My clever antics are mostly only heard by my dog. Here are a few things I probably would have posted…

  • Sometimes I think I am just here to confuse myself
  • Seriously folks, if we are playing DrawSomething, it is your turn already!
  • I need to return that meat sack
  • You get paid how much and you cannot even make a basket?!
  • QOTD: I am not a kid, I am almost 22
  • I should start a Google + circle and call it: I’m just not that into you
  • Isn’t aioli just a fancy way to say garlic mayo?

And of course photos of my office view, my dog, people eating sugar cereal at work, my farmers’ market haul and my lunch.

Even without Facebook, my brain still thinks in status updates, the thing is I think I have always thought in status updates, Facebook just gave me the opportunity to overshare.

Apartment Garden, Episode 3: Planting by quornflour

Last summer I attempted a little balcony garden planting seeds and swapping seedlings.

I was successful in the indoor sprouting phase and even getting them up to plantable size, but then I was gone and the weather was crap and the place I wanted to grow them was not really the best spot.

Overall however: I failed.

This year I am trying it again and have done things a little differently:

First, I rounded up some neighborly help from another resident in my building, my friend and neighbor Melissa. This way there will (hopefully) be at least one person around to tend to the plants.

Second, I did not plant seeds, and rather picked things up here and there, friends with seedlings, Melissa had a few she planted and got from friends, and I picked up a few at farmers markets.

Third, I found a new spot to plant everything. I asked, (ok more like announced) my land lady if I could use part of the back yard to plant. Not only did she agree, though she is a greater fan of roses and flowers than veggies, but she also offered up two plastic pools that were otherwise going to be trashed and a number of old puts that she had. I also managed to get some pots from my neighbor.

So after all of this was sorted out, I headed to the nursery and bought dirt. I had a fair amount of dirt from last year so I mixed my new dirt with my old dirt. My neighbors all commented on the smell. I had picked up organic soil, which had a much richer smell than the soil they had used.

Next I sorted out buckets, some needed drainage, so I used a screw driver and a mallet to puncture a few holes in the bottoms, the holey buckets would then be placed in the pools so that the excess water is not wasted and on hot days can be watered from the bottom without risk of burning the leaves if things get too dry. I will need to keep an eye on this with rain to ensure I do not end up with a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Of course after I got everything in it has decided to rain for the week. It is good though, I need to add drainage to one of the smaller individual pots and it buys a little time to get marigolds to help with pest control. In the few days that they have been in their pots, they all seem happier.

I am optimistic.

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