A Break from Facebook by quornflour

Following a conversation with a friend about the changes and shifts in culture and relationships as a result of Facebook, I decided to take a break from it and what I consider its close cousin Twitter.

Will it leave a hole in my life once filled with photos of peoples babies, children, pets, vacations, sporting events, lives; the honest and often comedic descriptions of life with Tourettes; images of what people are just about to eat; check-ins of where people are; who is drinking wine and loving life, who is drinking wine and hating life; who thinks George Takei is hilariously clever; political and climate changes; arguments of GMO, vaccines and plastic bags; and perhaps most importantly “like”? Perhaps.

I wonder if it will leave me feeling more or less connected with the friends I do not otherwise see on a regular basis. I still have email, my phone, wordpress and my face. I am not going completely dark for the whole month. There are ways for me to reach out. Will conversations find a more meaningful exchange? Will people miss my often ridiculous banter and the often confusing commentary between me and my same name? How will I find out who died, laws that have been changed and the latest evil doings of Monsanto?

Who knows; and in some ways: who cares?

It almost makes me feel a bit sad and foolish that it is even noteworthy to take a break.

Off I go, into the great abyss.

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