A Break from Facebook by quornflour

Following a conversation with a friend about the changes and shifts in culture and relationships as a result of Facebook, I decided to take a break from it and what I consider its close cousin Twitter.

Will it leave a hole in my life once filled with photos of peoples babies, children, pets, vacations, sporting events, lives; the honest and often comedic descriptions of life with Tourettes; images of what people are just about to eat; check-ins of where people are; who is drinking wine and loving life, who is drinking wine and hating life; who thinks George Takei is hilariously clever; political and climate changes; arguments of GMO, vaccines and plastic bags; and perhaps most importantly “like”? Perhaps.

I wonder if it will leave me feeling more or less connected with the friends I do not otherwise see on a regular basis. I still have email, my phone, wordpress and my face. I am not going completely dark for the whole month. There are ways for me to reach out. Will conversations find a more meaningful exchange? Will people miss my often ridiculous banter and the often confusing commentary between me and my same name? How will I find out who died, laws that have been changed and the latest evil doings of Monsanto?

Who knows; and in some ways: who cares?

It almost makes me feel a bit sad and foolish that it is even noteworthy to take a break.

Off I go, into the great abyss.

How my VitaMix Got Me to Love Cauliflower by quornflour

When people ask me if I like cauliflower, my typical answer is no. It is not a taste thing, it is just some combo of the texture, color and taste, something about the specific combination just does not work for my brain.

Enter the VitaMix stage right.

My friend was coming over for dinner and I had these amazing organic pork chops and I wanted something to go along with them, the weather had been hot and potatoes seemed just a little too heavy.

For the week prior I had been attempting to blend everything, because I can.

So I figured I would try the whole cauliflower masher thing, the VitaMix was sure to pulverize the texture right out of it… so yes that is what I did. I think Cauliflower is pretty soft and one could probably manage similar results in a regular blender…

First off I chopped a head of cauliflower into 4 pieces, and then steamed it until it was soft.

Next I put the cauliflower and about ¼ cup of the water it was steamed in in the blender.

Then I added ¼ C of milk, and 2 garlic cloves.

And whirrrrrrrrr!

Then I added 2 table spoons of grated parmesan cheese and whirred it once more.

This is when it gets crazy…

In a large skillet, I melted a tablespoon of butter then poured the cauliflower mixture in and mixed it a bit to remove some of the moisture and mix in the butter…

Seriously, this was good… and the texture, like puddin’.

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