Everything Old is New Again by quornflour

Sometimes a white lampshade is exactly what you need, but then they get old, or you just need a change. Here is a simple project to pump new life into that old shade.

First get some acrylic pigments; you can buy them at most art supply stores.

Take your lampshade and wet it with a paint brush then add a couple of drops the pigments and brush it on, you can go for an even color or give it texture by leaving some spaces. Try not to over think it.

Now you need to let it dry completely.

Once fully dry you will need a glue gun and bead trim measuring about 2 inches greater than the total length of circumference of the bottom of the shade.

Starting at the seam on the shade, glue the trim to the bottom of the lampshade, if you are worried about getting it straight glue it to the inside.

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