Day two of the raw food cleanse for busy people by texaskillet
September 18, 2011, 12:16 AM
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Okay so it’s day two of the effort.

I got on the scale this morning and I was 1.4 lbs lighter. We’ll see if this continues or if it’s just that first bump.

It would be cool if it did, but I am not really expecting that. J

Breakfast/Lunch smoothie:

½ bunch of Kale

2 apples

Carrot juice

Mango juice

In all actuality this is what I blended up for breakfast but we ended up having leftovers from the smoothie dinner last night. Then we were able to jar this, stick it in a lunchbox and take it with us to the punkin chunkin competition. YAY! It was awesome. I am sure people thought I was drinking baby poop or possibly baby food spinach, but whatever. There was an unexpected side effect: a bee really really wanted my smoothie. J Oh well.. I denied him like the cruel woman I am.

Afternoon snack smoothie:

We treated ourselves to a Jamba Juice smoothie. We went with the all fruit and veggie ones since really I didn’t feel like making another one until later.

I had the Carrot Karma and he had the Mega Mango (at least that’s what I think they were called).

It was great to have those to suck on for a while.

Then.. I got to thinking (later when I got home)…well what is that nosh factor item for today?

I dug around, found some artichokes, had a two second conversation with myself about how these were not raw when you get them to edible form.

Meh, not sure I was in the mood to care. I think home is the hardest place to be when you are trying to make changes. When you are out you can fool yourself into thinking that people know you are cheating if you decide TO cheat and so therefore be convinced by weird internal talk, NOT to cheat. Not so at home.

So, each of us had one steamed artichoke for dinner. I am now on my second follow up glass of water to ensure that things are moving and such. Artichoke no matter how you look at it is… fibrous. The great thing and this is entirely what I was going for… is that these take so long to eat and are so much work, you are just kind of done when they are gone. YAY!!! I’ll have to do some research on if you can do ANYTHING at all with these in their natural state.

It may have been my trip to Thrive the day before which reinstituted that there are very very very few people in this world that are all raw and if I can get to 80%, I would be pleased as punch.

Okay, more tomorrow. Be good!


Day one of raw food cleanse for busy people by texaskillet
September 16, 2011, 12:16 PM
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Today I begin my journey of the raw food cleanse.

For quite a while I have been thinking… why not?

Well I can wax you quite a tale about why not. However, this time it’s all about the why too.

Last night, I bought the Vitamix. Yes a little last minute but that is kind of how I am with most things. Not sure if it just keeps stuff exciting or if I really can’t help it due to some very smoothly worn pattern in my brain which provides those neurons a path of very little resistance.

This morning’s smoothie recipe/combo of fruits and veggies:

2 apples

2 oranges

Several handfuls of spinach

Tomatoes from the garden.. about 2 in total as there were a bunch of small ones(golden and red)

Carrot juice to thin it to a reasonable drinking consistency


…And can I just say.. yummmmmm


For lunch:

Remnants of the above smoothie, combined with:

2 pints of blueberries

1 leftover apple

Carrot juice again to thin

1 honking huge zucchini.. I am really serious here.

I’ll check back in after I return from building trails for the day of caring to let you know how I felt through lunch hour WITH doing manual labor. 😛

Should be interesting.

Okay.. all back now!!

For dinner the smoothie was this:

½ bunch of Kale

2 Peaches

Mango juice

2 bananas

Keep in mind that I am smoothie making for two people so for one you could just cut everything in half. J

I will have to admit that after the day of caring out at the Nature Consortiums project which is the largest contiguous forest in Seattle.. we were a bit fatigued. We stopped in at Thrive… had a smoothie boost from their kitchen which was great and shared a mighty thai salad which is cabbage, carrots, red bell pepper, a few raw cashew as garnish and their special vegan thai spicy sauce. It was mega yum. This led us to the possibility that we would want to gnosh on something once a day to satisfy the urge if we are going to take this past the 3 or 6 day mark and into the 15 day mark or even the 28 day mark. As long as that something is vegan for the first week and then at minimum vegetarian for the next week and then only going into animal protein dishes maybe two or three times a week for life. We’ll see how that pans out. Of course that animal protein will have to be purchased somewhere reputable, etc,etc, etc.

Okay… next 9/17 info… coming right up. J



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