One week down, one week to go! by texaskillet
May 13, 2011, 9:00 PM
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Well today officially marks 7 days of no spending outside of my meager cash allowance for emergencies. I’ll post the rundown of what was considered an emergency at the end of the two weeks… I mean I do have a WHOLE other week to go. J

How has it been you might ask? Refreshing I would say.

It’s nice to have an out and it’s even nicer to save some cash stock piling. J

The count of times that I have been tempted has been plenty. The times when someone has said, hey let’s go grab a bite or a drink or a smoothie have been several.

Today, my preplanned Amazon Fresh order will show up on my door step between 6 and 9pm. Yay for that! I think it has been a focal point and saving grace to know that in the midst of my experiment I would receive a burst of fresh produce. I mean come on people; I am but a human with teeth that were meant to nosh on fresh things. J

During the summer if I do this again, which I think I will, it will be easier when my small spaces garden has come to life and is producing and then maybe I can sustain my desire for freshness off of what I’ve grown.

Another interesting thing to note is that I have been suffering with Vertigo induced by either allergies or hormones since Monday. Talk about taking some of the punch out of my bowl. Nothing says stay home and stop moving like when your whole world is spinning and you can’t make it stop unless you stop and sometimes not even then. It’s too bad really because I was hoping that by not spending and not “going out” I would make more time for my physical wellbeing and for my craft hobbies. Gee thanks Universe, you are my favorite. L

Anyway, onward and upward as some people say. I have been thinking this over and I have decided that my next maneuver will be to save double spend half. This will mean that a latte really costs me 6 bucks (let’s be honest, it’s more like 8), because I will have to save as much as I want to spend. Result: $4 to my savings and $4 to the coffee shop. I need to spend a little time thinking about whether or not this happens over a timed period or if I make it a regular habit. I guess if I ever want a house with chickens in the yard, I should just go ahead and make it a habit. Though, it may be deserving of a trial period. I don’t want to be one of those people that are sooo focused on signing up for a house that they stop living for a while. I mean what if now is all the time that I have. You just never know so you should always consider the possibility.

Anyone out there have any saving tricks? If so, would you be willing to share?

My dad once said that I should just freeze my credit card in a bowl of water and keep it in the freezer, and then I would have to think long and hard before I use it. I did that for a while. It was interesting. Might go back to it, but I am open to other things. J




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