Apartment Garden, Episode 2: Seedling Swap by quornflour

It is great and even easy to start your own plants, the trouble is, when you buy seeds to get SO many, and sometimes they all sprout up. Then what?

Either you end up with loads of extra seeds or a garden full of one type of plant, right?

There is another option: The Seedling Swap.

It is sort of like a Christmas Cookie swap, where you bake a bunch of cookies then go to someone’s house and trade out, but you can do the same thing with seedlings.

It just so happened that my friend Scott also planted seedlings this year, and it also just so happened that he planted the stuff I wanted and had not planted, and it just so happened he too had extra!

The other great thing is if you start your seedlings in egg cartons, they are almost already to go, just take some paper scissors: if you do not know what I am talking about here then you probably are not a sewer with separate paper and fabric scissors so do not worry about it.

Take your seedlings and cut the cartons up to make a nice mix of plants in a tray, and ta-dah! you have a nice tray to trade.

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Ha! On your advice I started seeds in egg cartons. Now I have 42 sprouts of basil. Nothing else, just basil!! I better find lots of friends who also started seeds NOW!

Comment by Pauline

[…] Last summer I attempted a little balcony garden planting seeds and swapping seedlings. […]

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