It’s High Time We Committed by texaskillet
April 30, 2011, 10:32 PM
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Okay, I am ready.

For what you may ask.

To not spend money is my response to this very sensible question.

About a year ago, I was reading this article about taking a 14 day excursion from spending the green.

Yes, there is preparation. It’s not like you are trying to torture yourself, but certainly it causes you to have to think, vs. throw money at an issue just because you can.

Starting May 7th and ending May 21st, I will not spend one darned cent.

I plan to do the following to get ready for this thought provoking and hopefully spend altering experiment.

Yes, even the kids are going to be subject to having to wait. Oh dear me no, say it ain’t so. Haha!

Preparation may look different for lots of folks given the gazillions of lifestyles out there as well as family structures and routines which are hard to interupt.

Mine will look like this:

  1. Fill up the car. Around here this is an opportunity for tears. L I sincerely dislike my petrol dependency and am trying hard to severely reduce the habit.
  2. Grocery shop, fresh items included (that may be the hardest part of this), double check the pets food stores, this goes triple for the coffee stash. J
  3. Schedule my bus days and don’t let people F with them just because THEY need something
  4. Pay all bills that would be due before the 22nd
  5. Grease up the bike chain for alternative transportation
  6. Plan my weekends around local hikes that I can get to on foot, bus or bike. Possibly invite some friends to my place for dinner.
  7. Load my lunch card at work and plan back up lunches to take when I get sick of their salad bar and protein options
  8. Do all my laundry by the evening of the 6th and try to not do laundry during the two weeks. If laundry must be done then let it be no more than two loads of essentials. Essentials being the underwear, socks and possibly some athletic wear. Yahoo!
  9. Make sure to check the calendar to see if there are events I am to attend that require coin for one thing or another. If possible pay for those ahead of time or see if I can reschedule.

Am I missing anything? Does anyone have any interest in doing this with me? It doesn’t have to be the exact days I am doing it but I think it would be fun to overlap.

If you do want to do it.. what would your list look like? Ya know, if you don’t mind sharing. J


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