Raw and Crispy but kind of Crazy by texaskillet
April 28, 2011, 1:54 AM
Filed under: Clever Chickadees, raw, texaskillet, vegan

You can make these and you won’t even hate them…or at least I don’t think that you will.

So, I got some Red Swiss Chard from the Ballard Farmers Market and I thought .. okay, here we go again with this stuff.

After trying a dudes Dorrito replacement plan which was dehydrated Kale, I decided to have a go.

I have the dehydrator and I guess I am a little nutso over it at the moment so it made perfect sense.

I essentially washed the Chard, shook it dry, then used scissors to cut semi uniform strips. Then I used some Tom Douglas Tokyo Rub and sprinkled it over top.

Set the Dehydrator to 120 degrees and just let it run. They say that the food in the dehydrator stays about 10-20 degrees less than the temperature setting.

Anyway, what happened was most certainly Chard Chips, the only thing that I can say is that they definitely have distinct flavor, even when dried and seasoned.

If you like that, then awesome.

Here are some photos to get your juices flowin’. J

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