Sprouting, Episode 2: Lentils by texaskillet

I said I would come back with the next installment of the sprouting adventure and well… here I am.

The sprouting of the lentils went well, but they are a lot less “sprouty” than the Quinoa, which is just something of interest that I noted.

With the lentils I combined them with a chop salad that I picked up at a local Italian restaurant. I was going for the; add raw to some raw and some meat proteins.

Kind of my M.O. at this point.

So here’s a photo of the biznasssss about 10 hours into it, loooook how cute they are!


And then the finished product after 24 hours, momma mia these are hesitant.

Of course it is, soak for 8-12 hours and then sprout for 2 days!


And here is a photo of the partially homemade and partially restaurant bought salad.

It made a delicious and satisfying meal, but what I did figure out is that lentils make my stomach a little uncomfortable.


Next up: Sunflower seeds for that ever popular Vitamin D. I think I will make a spread out of that for cucumber dipping. J

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