Piña Colada Waffles by quornflour

The Clever Chickadees recently took a weekend excursion in Hawaii.

On the first day, after massages, we decided that we should get breakfast and lunch. There was an open air restaurant with a buffet that was the perfect solution. Have breakfast, sit in the sun, hang out, have lunch, all for one price… made the “all you can eat” price tag of 26$ each seem far thriftier.

After doing a quick round I discovered a few different ingredients in various parts of the buffet. Waffles, whipped butter and coconut syrup… yup coconut syrup, probably my new favorite, even above real maple syrup: they might revoke my Maine Card for that.

This waffle, given you have the ingredients needed is super simple and super delicious.

Take a tiny waffle, pour some coconut syrup over top, top that with whipped butter, then add fresh pineapple, top that with a little more coconut syrup; sprinkle it all with shredded coconut.

I enjoyed mine with some Portuguese sausage and cottage cheese, TxK added Macadamia nuts to hers, the sides are up to you.

Anyway you make it; you will have no choice but to enjoy this super delicious breakfast treat!

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