Spicy Buffalo Chicken Strips by texaskillet

OMG, yummmmmmm!

Simple. So good.

You’ll need:


Cornflour (again, no wheat)

Franklin’s hot sauce or whatever kind of buffalo hot sauce you like


Chicken strips

Frying oil

Salt and Pepper to taste


First, get your buttermilk, cornflour into separate bowls. Then get your raw chicken strips ready on a platter of their own. Next pour all of the buffalo sauce into a bowl and add one stick of melted butter to that bowl (whisk together).

Get your dutch oven or frying pot of choice and heat your frying oil of choice (Can’t go wrong with Wesson) to 375 degrees.

When your oil is hot enough, dredge the chicken strips through the buttermilk, then the cornflour and then place in the pot. These do not take very long to fry up and usually are done when the outside is crispy and golden to medium brown. This is usually accurate for chicken strips that were fully defrosted and at room temperature. You’ll want to use your meat thermometer to be sure, or just cut one open when the first batch comes out and eyeball it if you feel up to it.

When you pull the chicken strips from the hot oil, place them on the cooling sheet (mine suspends over the sink so I don’t waste paper towels). After they have dripped off for 30 seconds or so toss them in your buffalo sauce mixture and then place back on the rack.

My kids love these, except the youngest who just gets the pre-buffalo sauced chicken strips. There are never any left over, but then again that might not be saying much if you knew how many people can be in my household at one time. J

Hint: serve these up with hushpuppies!


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