Beach Tote by quornflour

I decided I needed a tote for the beach, something simple that could hold the basics, sun screen, book, towel, flip flops. It also needs to be washable; beaches have sand and other stuff. I also have a preference to lined bags, they seem to hold up better, or seem like they should.

The pattern is really simple.

All you need is a yard of canvas and 30″ of cotton or muslin for the lining.

Start by cutting a 6″ strip from one end for the handles, set aside the 30″piece for now.

Cut the strip in half.

Fold each strip in half the long way and sew up the folded side as well as the open side.

Turn right side out. And sew up the folded sides.

Now sew the muslin and the large piece of canvas together right sides in along the long ends.

Fold the top in two inches and iron in place.

Take one of the straps and pin it 2 inches into the bag, and four inches from the end on both sides.

Sew along the top with a ¼ inch seam, then again an inch below that.

Now put the canvas sides together and sew into a bag.

Easy right?

If you are like me then when you plan to make this you will end up with this…

But you will more likely end up with a regular basic tote.

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