Necklace Knobs by quornflour

This is a project that I have been meaning to make for a really long time. Long enough that I do not even remember exactly how long ago I bought the wooden plaques, I know I have moved at least twice with them, maybe even three times.

I did only recently get most of the knobs though. They came from a project I did last fall redoing a dresser.

It is a multi-step project that you can spread over a few days if you want to, you will need to take a break halfway through to let the paint dry.

Here is what you will need:

  • a wooden plaque
  • acrylic paint
  • a foot of chain
  • 2 small screw hooks
  • 4-5 drawer pulls or small knobs

You will also need a few tools:

  • a drill
  • drill bits sizes:
  • pliers


  1. First paint your plaques in whatever way and color that makes you happy and let them dry.

  1. Once dry, use the small bit to make two holes on both sides and screw in the small hooks.

  1. Drill holes in random (if you can handle it) or even spots, space so that no holes are directly below others and so that the knobs when screwed in will not block each other.

Make sure you drill on something and not directly on the floor or table unless you want fancy holes in your table or floor.


  1. Screw the knobs into the holes.



    If you have the sort that have the nut in the back, you may want to find some glass beads or other nuts or washers to act as spacers; these are good to add in because it gives you varying depth making the final piece more interesting.



  2. Attach the chain to the two hooks and hang on the wall. Decorate with fun sparkly junk jewelry or your favorite pieces that you always gravitate towards.

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