50% RAW, 100% delicious by texaskillet

As I went through and made some changes to my current kitchen setup, I also embarked on my first mindfully 50% raw dinner.

It was fun to think about and really challenged my rutted out kitchen brain to just think of food a little differently.

I seriously knew the rice would be good, I knew the salmon would be good… I thought the cantaloupe and zucchini salad would be good…and it was. J


Tonight’s menu

Baked Salmon (for me) Baked Chicken (for him)

Garlic Red Rice

Cantaloupe and raw Zucchini salad (I did say earlier how much I like squash right?)


For the rice:

Rice cooker (my favorite kitchen appliance aside from the coffee pot)

One cup of Red Thai Rice (this goes by many names, but I like the stuff from Thailand carried at Whole Foods)

Crushed or minced garlic

Two cups of water

Put it all in the cooker and push GO


For the chicken and the salmon:

Cook to your preference.

I like to drizzle a little olive oil and use some of Tom Douglas’s Spicy Tokyo Rub.

YUM! It’s almost like you can’t mess it up.


For the C&Z salad:

SUPER simple, but a lovely, mildly sweet flavor which is also juicy and refreshing next to the cooked items.

Just split, separate your cantaloupe meat from the rind and cube into bite size pieces.

Then, cut the zucchini into strips the long way and then cut across the length to create smaller diced zucchini bits.

Mix and let permeate for a few minutes before serving.


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