Guess? by texaskillet

If you don’t know because you didn’t see it and I didn’t talk to you about it, then guess what happens next?

If you guess correctly, I will send you something I made. I can’t tell you what that something will be since I never know what mood I’ll be in from day to darling rainy day.


Picture Hints:

Discuss. J


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You are going to take both of those skirts apart and turn them into a pillow?

Comment by JediJean

Is the green one the dress you plan to wear with your dock martins
???while the brown one goex overtop??

Comment by LONGAN

No mam, please play again! There is no limit to the amount of guesses you can submit. Though they do have to be one comment at a time. 🙂

Comment by Texaskillet

How about a lovely lampshade using both fabrics blended. 🙂

Comment by Elaine Schmidt

Maybe it’s going to be a blended valance for your curtain rod.

Comment by Elaine Schmidt

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