Yogurt Parfait by quornflour

Have you ever had one of those mornings, when you walk in to your local Charbucks and decide you really need a snack and so you reach for the yogurt parfait? It was some ungodly hour in an airport after a redeye an on a layover, the first time I had one, and on first taste I was fairly certain it must be made of the craeck.

Loads of people pick them up, because they think, it has the word yogurt in it, if must be good for you right?

It is not the worst for you, but it is still 350 calories (35 from fat), in other words, it is a meal not a snack. Also it is about 6$, which is kind of crazy for yogurt and fruit.

Here I offer to you a delicious, cheaper, mostly healthier alternative.

All you need is ¼ C Vanilla Greek Style Yogurt, ¼ C Plain Greek Style Yogurt, 3 Tablespoons Cherry Pie (or other fruit pie- also good with pumpkin) filling and a tablespoon of granola.

Yes you can use fresh fruit too, but my goal with this was to get it close to the Charbucks one.

Mix the two yogurts together and fashion in a pretty glass, or a bowl. You do not have to put it in a pretty glass like this, but if you do, you will feel fancy, and who doesn’t want to feel fancy, right?


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