Bring in the Squash! by texaskillet

There is no better vegetable than squash type veggies. Yes I realize this is definitely a matter of opinion. I love Yellow squash and Butternut squash, and I even doublie love the Zucchini. Not that I have anything against the leafy greens and root veggies etc, etc.

Some of you may already be taking any opportunity to add veggies to stuff, but I am still working at it.

In so much as I actually have to stop and think about where I can squeeze in a few here or there and not have to change my intended menu.

I am sure that many, many, many people use squash in their spaghetti sauce, but I thought I would share just one way of doing that very thing. I know you don’t think that there needs to be “ways” plural, to do this, however with squash there is the potential pitfall of sogginess to watch out for and avoid at all costs.

I also like to do it gluten free. YES that’s right gluten free. What could be better?

What you need:

  • Your favorite homemade or store bought spaghetti sauce
  • Two types of squash, preferably a yellow squash and a green zucchini
  • PASTA JOY a gluten free brown rice pasta of your favorite shape or size
  • A pat of butter, maybe two J
  • Some type of ground meat if you want a meat sauce, otherwise just skip it (If you want this, just season, brown and add to the bowl)


Boil your pasta, about seven minutes of boiling and then let it sit in the pot for three to six minutes then drain and rinse with hot water.

While that’s going, wash and slice or chop your squashy delights. Toss them in a skillet with a little butter until they start to get to that just right texture. Not to soggy, yuck.

Set those aside, while your sauce is coming to temperature. When the sauce is at temperature, put all your items in a serving bowl. Toss lightly so as not to mash anything or ruin the structural integrity of your squash. If you really want to add another note of deliciousness, toss in a little shredded parmesan. Yummmm! Put that on the table and watch it go. If you have kids, you may want to stick to the Yellow squash and dice instead of slice. Kids seem to be afraid of big green veggies. HAHA!



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Sounds yummy. I love squash, too, and discovered this fall that sugar pumpkin is my new favorite. Forget the pie – it’s delicious as is!

Comment by Cory

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