Going Green: Kitchen by quornflour

If you find yourself frequently greasing pans for cakes, cookies, breads and other baked goods with Crisco using a paper towel, you can stop now.

Using paper towels to grease pans is wasteful. All you need is a little kitchen scrubber.

To make a kitchen scrubber, all you need is a pair of size 7 knitting needles and some cotton yarn.

  • Cast on 11 stitches
  • Alternate knit – purl
  • Repeat for 16-18 rows
  • Cast off

You can keep in the Crisco container and re-use it.

When you change containers you can put this in boiling water to clean.

The earth will thank you even more for not using plastic.


[UPDATE: After writing the original post catannea made a valid point via comment below, about not encouraging folks to purchase those crazy colored scrubbers, and so I amend.

Catannea also mentioned using bread, which personally I won’t do because I do not always have bread around, or I am greasing a sheet to make bread.]

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Let’s not encourage the manufacture nor purchase of “kitchen scrubbers”. You can grease your pans with a tiny corner of a piece of bread. Afterwards you can eat it. If thinking of eating “Crisco” doesn’t appeal to you, are you sure you want to feed it to your family and friends? Where I am, I cook with butter or olive oil. Either greases a pan perfectly and I usually do eat the bit of bread myself. You could toss it into your stock pot. (Or feed it to your dog.)
I have also seen (and successfully imitated) SPREADING BUTTER WITH A KNIFE into a cake pan. It works.

Comment by catannea

While I personally do not like the idea of crumbs in my butter, this is a good idea, and a good point about scrubbers, I even thought that last time I pulled one out. I don’t even use these for my dishes!
I have ammended my original post, with directions on how to make one.

Comment by quornflour

I think this is splendidly clever, and if you are using up a stash of cotton yarn (which I have gross amounts of leftover from other projects) it is very green and not wasteful at all.

However, on the subject of using food as utensil, I’ve used a floppy leaf of lettuce as a barbecue brush, and think it would work for this too. But I like the idea of keeping it in the Crisco can just for this reason. Capital idea.

Comment by jkohnhorst

I live in a land where I assume everyone has spare cotton yarn sitting around, probably naive of me.
Floppy leaf is a great idea for a barbecue brush!

Comment by quornflour

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