Can-berries by quornflour

If someone was to ask me, “do you feel the tiniest bit superior for canning foods over those who do not?”

I would have to honestly say, “No”.

I say no, but that is because superior is not the right word, but I do tend to think to myself, “Self, you are awesome.”

Now do not get me wrong, you could be awesome too, especially since the act of basic canning, is not all that hard.

It is time consuming and easy to make a big mess that you have to clean up because you also need to prep your foods. If you have small batches it is pretty easy to do on your own, bigger bathes is more fun with other people, especially for things where there is a lot of prep work.

In my limited return to canning I realized that really there are only about 4 things (in addition to sterilized jars and lids) that you need to make it go smoothly.

You need a great big canning pot with a rack, a jar funnel and a jar grabber thing.

Most of these things you can find at thrift stores, I got mine online for about 25$, well really everything was around 35$ because there were other non-essential parts for my particular current needs.

Now all you need to do to make your first batch of something is take some fruit, sugar and water and cook it down. You can use this delicious cranberry recipe if you happen to have cranberries sitting around like I did. For the cranberries I left them in the boil bath for 8-10 minutes.

Now I am excited for canning season!



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