Sometimes all you need is space by texaskillet

It is amazing to me how there are times when you just can’t bring yourself to do anything creative whatsoever. This could be for a variety of reasons that I know I don’t have to remind you of at this exact moment. Regardless of ALL that interference, something that really helps is having creative space.

A creative space of your own or shared, no matter. Somewhere that rules don’t apply, you don’t have to put your things away every time you use them or bust them out when you want to work on a project. Somewhere that gives your heart a little skippy joy feeling.

At this point in my life, I have one son that has left the coop (not sure for how long) and one that is fairly self-sufficient. Though, it must be said that the latter has been hounding me to play board games nightly. I oblige of course, as any good mother should. I can’t really miss these moments now can I? J

I digress… since my paper garland project failed this evening, I thought I would take some time to get a wee bit personal and show you some of my “spaces”. I saw a book at the bookstore a few months back and it was ALL peoples work spaces. Yay!! I love to see how folks display bits of their soul in the areas where they truly come to life and express their selves in a tangible way.

Here are a few of mine and by a few I mean just a skosh (Please be kind, I am not a photographer, but I am trying) Weeee! Sometimes I even like the blurry ones.


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