My very own special stationary. by texaskillet

Something said.. make something with paper.. then something else said.. make something with wax. So, I decided to take a few household items and make my own stationary. One of a kind goodness.


  1. Sketch paper or whatever kind of paper you like to write letters on
  2. Those dusty tea lights that have been in the junk drawer for ages
  3. A source of flame
  4. Some sort of dye rich vegetable that is low in acidity if possible
  5. A shallow pan
  6. A way of juicing those veggies, though I suppose you could just use store bought carrot juice, beet juice, etc.
  7. A few paper towels, something disposable in case the veggie you use is hard to wash out
  8. A counter top or baking sheet


First things first. Light your candles and let them get melty. While they do that, think about what forms, images or shapes you would like to make with the wax. Keep in mind that the wax kind of drips the way it drips

and your design will develop a character all its own. Which I would say is pretty rad were you to ask me. J




After you have a little melty wax in the little tiny tin cups, carefully pick them up and apply the wax

to the paper in whatever way suits you. Let the

wax cool and harden.



Now… TO THE JUICER… or the fridge if you don’t own one of the awesome Jack Lalanne Juicers. Juice your veggie of choice. I used carrots, but for the photographic beauty of the Rainbow carrot, I have included a picture of them instead. J They would work nicely for a more purple hue. Once they are juiced, put them in your shallow pan/dish.





Lay your paper towel out over the baking sheet and put your juice dish next to it. Slowly dip your paper and wax creations into the juice, you can do this as many times as you want or until the paper feels compromised and it is no longer advantageous to continue. For some who want it darker, you may want to wait until it’s dry and then dip it again. After they are dipped or soaked, whatever works for the type of paper you have, transfer to the paper town to dry. After the paper is fully dried, then you may remove the wax.

After you remove the wax, you have an option. You can either, iron the paper, or you can opt

out. I chose not to iron, as usual, and got straight to the joy of writing a letter to my grandma.

I thought I might need a few types of pens, but it turned out that the ball point was just fine.

All in all, this was more fun than anything. Play around with it and create your own unique paper.

I think that you’ll like it, or at least I hope you will have some fun! J


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This does look fun! Reminds me of doing batik at art camp. I usually just decorate letters with coffee drips and/or circles from the bottom of the mug. If people are lucky, they might get some scribbles from my kids on there too.

Comment by Leah

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