I need a young priest and an old priest by quornflour

Now do not get me wrong. I love tomatoes. But… truth be told I could probably use a break from them here and again.

The other day I woke up with a hankerin’ for Pea Soup, with a quick rummage through my pantry and fridge I discovered that I happen to have all of the required ingredients to hook myself up.

Since I was getting ready for work, I knew I just needed to take care of one thing to make that pea soup part of my future.

In a 5 Quart Dutch oven I put 2 16oz bags of dried peas and filled it with water to the 3 quart line and headed off to work.

What ended up being a super freaking long day, I eventually made it home and turned the peas on to medium and added 2 teaspoons of celery salt… now I caution you, watch them peas they like to foam up and make a mess when you aren’t looking, if this starts to happen simply take it off the heat for a few seconds, mix and then return to a low heat.

In a small frying pan I put a thin layer of olive oil, which I heated on Medium and then added a small chopped red onion. While the onions were grillin’, I quick like, chopped up a red potato and added them and a little sea salt to the onions with about ½ C of water. Mix these occasionally to avoid burning.

Next I grated 2 large carrots: see the thing about carrots is, I like them. I like them raw and I like the flavor they add, but what I do not like is that texture they get when you cook them, gross. So I found that in many cases if you just grate the carrots and add them, problem solved.

When I finished grating the carrots I added them to the peas and mix, by this time the potatoes were also getting soft. So I added them to the peas and added a little more water to bring the pot to about 4 quarts. I also added a teaspoon of black pepper (if you are sensitive about pepper use less).

Add more salt to taste if that’s your thing and then just mix together and continue cooking until the peas are soft or until the Dish Fairy shows up with crusty bread and wine. Then you can be all Last Supper Exorcist in your house too.

Bon Appetite!

Oh and here is all what I used:

2 (1lb or 16oz) Bags dried peas

1 T celery salt

1 T olive oil

1 t black pepper

1 t sea salt

1 small red onion chopped

1 large red potato cut into small ½” pieces or so

2-3 large carrots grated



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