Everything old is new again by quornflour

I am one of those people who do not like clutter, but also has some guilt around not fully using things that can easily be used again.

One such item is the container that kitchen wipes come in. While I do not often buy them for home, I do keep them in the car and at work. Here is a great, easy project that you can do to give those containers new life.

Lil’ who lives in my building gets the paper, each day it is delivered in a plastic bag that is perfect for picking up dog poop. So each morning I take Umlaut out, I grab the paper, remove the plastic bag and toss it in the house. There are days that for one reason or another I do not end up needing the bag so I stick it in my pocket, at the end of the day when I empty my pockets on to the entry table so goes the plastic bag. They can sometimes pile up and just look messy.

Then I realized that the bags + the wipe container were a perfect match, but who wants to look at a wipe container. So I beautified it.

All you need:

  • an empty rinsed wipe container
  • a sheet of scrapbooking paper (12″x12″)*
  • a pair of paper scissors
  • a 15″ ruler (or sufficient size paper cutter)
  • a pencil
  • rubber cement (or similar glue)
  • tape
  • newspaper, bread, or other poop scooping bags


  1. Start by removing the lid and carefully cutting the original label off of the container and set aside
  2. Cut the sheet of paper into two even rectangular halves
  3. Glue it back together 6″ end to 6″ end by putting rubber cement on the two pieces you are joining to make one long sheet
  4. Use a piece of tape to reinforce the back side of the seam
  5. Measure the length of the label and add ¾”
  6. Cut the strip of paper down to this size
    1. The container I used was a generic wipes container and the length I cut was 14¼”
  7. Put rubber cement on the two joining sides, wrap around the container and press
  8. Slide the paper back off the top of the container and tape the inside of the seal and slip back on to the container
  9. Replace the lid, fill with bags and ta-da! No more eyesore!

If you do not have a dog, this container is also great for pens, broken crayons, plastic grocery bags and other small items; makes a great gift for someone with a dog. I would not advise using this for food storage.

* You can also use a cool print from a large format magazine, a printout of a favorite picture on legal size paper or some wrapping paper.

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I love this. I want to make one, but I don’t feel like reading directions right now. Maybe this weekend. 🙂

Comment by texaskillet

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