Black Bean Soup by texaskillet

So, the bummer is that I didn’t really remember to take pictures of the items before I combined them… so you’ll have to turn on your minds eye for this one.

Shopping list:

Smoked Hamhock, Bag of dried black beans, some kind of sausage, rice (any kind you prefer)


Soak the beans overnight with plenty of water, no fear in overdoing it, but underdoing it could suck.

In the a.m. before you head out of the house, say around 8:00am or so, place beans in a crock pot after you have rinsed them and drained them.

Place the smoked hamhock in with the beans and then cover all with new water, turn crockpot on low.  Leave the house or do those million other things you have on the list.

at 4:00pm, no sooner, start thinking about when you want to serve this bad boy.

When you have decided, 45 minutes prior to serving time, cut up your choice of sausage and add to the pot.  Then put the rice in the rice cooker.

Walah!  bust out the hot sauce if you want, sour cream and cilantro also work if you are into the more South of the border flavors. 🙂

Next time I make it.. I shall augment this post with photos.. not sure how well it will shoot, but I’m willing to try.

Happy EASY Eating!


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I bet this would be super delicious with the chicken nuggets!

Comment by quornflour

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